Corporate language training

Grow your in-house talent

We create language training courses for individuals or small groups, online or in-person at your business.

Our courses always focus on a specific goal, which can be to prepare an executive for a relocation, to help employees feel more comfortable with industry-specific jargon, or to improve their general confidence when speaking in a foreign language.

This not only achieves business goals of levelling up your workforce, but is a key tool in employee happiness and retention. In fact in a recent study in Spain, access to language classes was chosen as the number one benefit employees wanted to receive from their company. 

FUNDAE training subsidies

In many countries there are government incentives available for companies that wish to invest in training their workforce, such as the FUNDAE program which offers attractive tax incentives for companies based in the EU to train their staff.

We have experience with these programmes and will help find any government schemes or tax incentives that your company is eligible for, and help with any  necessary administrative tasks and record-keeping related to this.

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